InstaCradle - unique, environmentally friendly rubber crumb cradles

These versatile, patented, acoustic and sports cradles and base packers are made from high quality recycled rubber crumb from worn vehicle tires.

They are widely used in refurbishment, conversions and new build projects, in both domestic and commercial situations, to support exterior decking and form the basis of sprung sports floor systems.

Rubber crumb acoustic cradles for adjustable raised flooring

InstaCradles are used to create raised floors, which accommodate underfloor services, and acoustic floors that offer extremely high standards of acoustic performance, both of which can accommodate a variety of floor coverings.

They provide accurate and rapid on-site levelling to overcome any unevenness in the structural sub-floor and can be adjusted to provide an extensive range of finished floor heights.

We will supply the required number of cradles, together with cradle packers and base packers, which allows customers to purchase locally the required timber battens and chipboard or plywood to complete the flooring.

Rubber crumb cradles for exterior timber decking

InstaCradles are ideal for use with exterior timber decking as they provide a durable, quiet, shock absorbing system. They provide excellent acoustic insulation that isolates the impact sound, which can be very important on outside balconies or flat roofs where sound transmission can be an issue.

The outside area where the decking is to be installed does not have to be an even surface as the InstaCradle system is adjustable. Support battens are simply inserted loose into the cradles and the chosen decking material is then fixed directly to each batten with the traditional clips and fixing brackets common in the industry.

Rubber InstaCradles cause no damage to the sub-surface, such as flat roofs, and eliminate the creaking created by many types of plastic cradles that are used for outside decking. The cradles are also very hard wearing, water resistant and do not become brittle in cold weather.

Rubber crumb cradles for sprung flooring for sport, dance and leisure activities

Also made from recycled rubber crumb, but to a more flexible composition, the sports cradles produce high quality, impact energy absorbing, sprung floor systems which are ideal for all indoor sports flooring, dance floors and leisure applications.

With on-site height adjustment and laser levelling, no structural sub-floor preparation is required, making installation quick, easy and free from mess and wet trades. These high performance, reliable, long lasting sports floors require no sub-system maintenance and produce excellent Combined-Elastic (Type C) or Area-Elastic (Type A) floors with good shock absorption that helps avoid injury and fatigue.

The InstaSport systems, with a proprietary surface layer, are perfect for new build or refurbishment projects and have been widely used in sports halls and gyms, dance and exercise studios, multi-use games and play areas and school halls.

There are three types of sprung sports sub-floors available from InstaFloor: The Sports Cradle and Batten System, The Sports Batten System and The Low Profile System. All three systems can be finished with a sports wood, sheet flooring or seamless polyurethane surface.

The benefits of InstaCradle
  • Rubber crumb cradles have a 60 year guarantee
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective to install
  • Cradles are loose laid and do not require fixing to sub-floor
  • Adjustable to produce varying finished floor heights
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  • Rubber crumb cradles have a 60 year guarantee
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective to install
  • Cradles are loose laid and do not require fixing to sub-floor
  • Adjustable to produce varying finished floor heights
  • On-site levelling to overcome uneven floors
  • No levelling screeds or drying times needed
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Fully recyclable, genuine ‘cradle-to-cradle’ product
  • Excellent acoustic solutions
  • Underfloor void for services, including underfloor heating
  • Cradles are unaffected by water
  • Hard cradles available for use in areas of increased loads
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Can accept a range of floor finishes including ceramic tiles
  • Hardwood floors can be secret nailed direct to timber battens
  • Structural loadings minimised due to lightweight system