ZipRecruiter HQ has new CLL flooring installed over InstaLay in its main hall

The online employment service, ZipRecruiter, has had new CLL flooring installed in the main income hall of its Los Angeles headquarters. This innovative, seamless and durable liquid lino was applied to the 1,500sq.ft. (140m2) room in just two days.

CLL also appealed to ZipRecruiter because of its environmentally friendly characteristics. Made from a blend of sustainable natural products, combining resins, linseed oil, cork, wood-flour, limestone and natural pigments, it is also available in a range of 54 colors.

The CLL was installed over the existing ceramic tiled floor, by AML Limited of Sausalito, CA. The tiles required minimal sub-floor preparation and were firstly covered with glued down plain InstaLay 25, made from recycled rubber crumb, to increase underfoot comfort and create a smooth level surface.

The mixed CLL was then applied over the InstaLay and spread with a notched trowel over the entire area. After being back-rolled, using a spike roller, it was left to dry overnight. Next morning the ProtecShield transparent matt topcoat finish was poured and spread over the CLL using micro-fiber rollers. The customer was extremely pleased with the look and feel of the impressive new seamless floor.

CLL provides various benefits:-

  • Its seamless finish removes the weak points of traditional sheet linoleum or sheet vinyl, where damage can occur
  • Being installed over plain InstaLay cut sub-floor preparation time and costs, improved acoustic performance and reduced reflected walking sound
  • It is VOC and PVC free and has no plasticizers, formaldehyde, chlorine or heavy metals
  • It is extremely durable and hard wearing, making it ideal for commercial applications with high levels of foot traffic, and requires minimal maintenance
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber crumb, InstaLay is environmentally friendly and provides excellent underfoot comfort
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